Our Difference

We realize the market for Executive Coaches and senior Human Resource Consultants is widely diverse. You have many choices in a world where competition among service providers is intense.

Based on the principle that no firm or practitioner can be all things to all people or organizations, the following “differentiators” set Koeppel Associates apart:

A “Business First” Mindset & Skill Set

Over 30 years of experience in senior Human Resource leadership roles, working across numerous WW Businesses, Geographies and Corporate Functional areas. A clear focus on strategic, operational and financial requirements as the starting point for HR initiatives. Our experience and approach translate into high credibility and fast learning with clients.

Rigor, Discipline and Results

Having led multi-million dollar Organization Effectiveness projects in a blue-chip Strategy Consulting firm, we are highly attuned to urgency, deliverables and impact.  The firm’s clients were senior executives in Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Diversified Services and other global industries.

Partnership Commitment to Clients – 24/7

Open access to our resources for the duration of assignments and beyond.

Cross-Industry Perspective & Insight

Bringing lessons and best practices from major industries including Medical Technology, Financial Services, Managed Healthcare and Energy Services ensures objective, external viewpoints.

Giving Back

Social commitment is a strong value for Koeppel Associates, LLC. We contribute 10% of the firm’s
annual revenue to global health and education causes.

Creative Fee Structuring

We are open to exploring equity positions with our clients as an alternative to direct payment for services should this be beneficial for department budget management. Contact us to learn more.

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